Post-Summer Skin Rejuvenation

Taking care of your skin after the summer is essential to repair any damage caused by sun exposure and to transition your skincare routine for the cooler months ahead. Here are some steps you can follow:

Hydrate: After months of sun exposure, your skin may be dehydrated. Rehydrate it by drinking plenty of water and using a functional hydrator. Consider adding medical-grade skincare products that stimulate your own production of hyaluronic acid as it can help your skin retain moisture. You may also consider looking for products with ingredients like ceramides, fatty acids, and glycerin to provide deep hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier. We recommend ZO Skin Health’s Firming Serum and Growth Factor Serum.

Exfoliate: Use a gentle, mechanical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. This helps to brighten your complexion and prevent clogged pores. Be cautious not to over-exfoliate, as this can damage your skin barrier and leads to further issues.

Repair Sun Damage: If you experienced sunburn or sun damage, use products containing antioxidants, like vitamin C and E, to help repair the skin and reduce signs of aging caused by UV exposure. Chemical peels and microneedling are also beneficial for improving sun damage. For significant hyperpigmentation or melasma, we recommend booking a skin consultation with our skin health expert to discuss options for a detailed treatment plan tailored to you.

Sunscreen: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you should skip sunscreen. UV rays are present year-round, so continue to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily, even in the fall and winter.

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser: Consider switching to a gentler, hydrating cleanser if you’ve been using a more stringent one during the summer. This helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Add a Humidifier: As the air gets drier in the fall and winter, using a humidifier in your home can help keep your skin hydrated.

Avoid Hot Showers: Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, so opt for lukewarm showers instead. Keep your shower time shorter to prevent further moisture loss.

Eye Care: If you spent a lot of time squinting in the sun, you might have developed fine lines around your eyes. We offer neurotoxin treatements and microneedling for crow’s feet. Use an eye cream containing ingredients like peptides and hyaluronic acid to target this area (hello, Growth Factor Eye Serum)!

Lip Care: Don’t forget about your lips. Use a lip balm with SPF to protect against sun damage and keep your lips hydrated. Dermal filler may also be a good option, as hyaluronic acid draws in moisture.

Consult with a Provider: If you have any specific skin concerns or issues, it’s always a good idea to consult an experienced provider. They can provide tailored advice and recommend treatments if necessary.

Remember that everyone’s skin is different, so it’s essential to adapt these recommendations to your unique skin type and needs. Consistency is key, so establish a skincare routine that you can stick to throughout the year to maintain healthy and glowing skin. We are here to help you decide which products or treatments may be most beneficial for you with the changing seasons.

Medically reviewed by Leslie A. Reap, PA-C / Kalli K. Rohleder, RN, BSN