Bunny Lines

Lip Flip

Chin Dimples (chinulite)

Gummy Smile

DAO (lip corners)

Traditional (crows feet, 11's, and forehead)


Platysmal Bands (Nefertiti lift)

Where Can I Get Tox?

it depends, sometimes a lower dose is possible knowing that duration may not be optimal... but sometimes we can't go too low or else tox will look patchy and uneven. We often recommend a certain range for happy results.

What if I want to start lower?

Average longevity is 3-4 months (when dosed optimally) before muscles are back to baseline. Dosing optimally improves longevity, if dosed lower muscles will overcome dose quicker.

How often should i get tox?

If we are treating everywhere (face, neck and masseters) expect upwards of 85 units.

what is full face tox dose?

Depends on the amount of areas being treated. When the three most common areas are done (forehead, 11s, crow's feet) expect 30-50 units.

What is average tox dose?

Try at least once between 6-12 before your wedding to see if you like.  We recommend being treated five-six weeks before wedding for smooth, natural look results.

how long before my wedding?

Alcohol, blood thinners (if not required by your physician), vitamin E, fish-oil before appt.
Avoid laying down for 4 hours after and working out until the next day.

What to avoid before and after appt?