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nurture your
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A modern, provider-operated aesthetics practice, Lara Clinic empowers you to age gracefully while enhancing your natural beauty. Specializing in wrinkle prevention and facial preservation, our OKC-based clinics use traditional treatment methods backed by over 20 years of research for the best, most natural-looking results.

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how long does it last?

Neurotoxin typically lasts three - four months before movement has returned to baseline. It is its strongest at about 2-3 week mark and dose will gradually fade.

The first time you have filler it fades a little quicker because your tissue is craving that hydration. Most will see 6-12 months out of first treatment and over a year longevity after subsequent treatment.

frequently asked

frequently asked


We recommend starting tox when you start seeing expression lines at rest, for most people this will be around 25 years old when collagen production starts to slow down.

For filler, it is more dependent on your goals, however it may be good to start replacing age related volume loss in the mid 20s to early 30s.

Most of our patients are gen-z and millennial age and just want to make natural enhancements to age better.

frequently asked

frequently asked

what do I do before my appt?

If you received an intake form when booking online, please fill this out. Most people are good candidates for treatment and can expect to receive treatment same day.

We recommend avoiding alcohol, ibuprofen and fish-oil supplements two days before your appt as these can increase bleeding and bruising. Please try to come to your appt with no makeup or minimal makeup as this will help streamline assessment.

frequently asked

frequently asked

how much filler do i need?

This depends on your current anatomy, medical history and goals. 

For patients with small lips, narrow lips, a half syringe of filler may be perfect. For patients that have experienced significant facial changes weight loss due to medications, more facial filler may be required to replenish volume loss.

Ultimately our providers can help determine average requirements based on your personal factors.

frequently asked

frequently asked

What brands do you use?

For neurotoxins, we use Botox, Juveau, Dysport and Xeomin.

For dermal fillers, we use RHA, Versa and Restylane brand.

We do not use Juvederm fillers and do not accept Juvederm coupons. 

All our products are FDA approved and purchased under the supervision of a physician to ensure quality and safety.

frequently asked

frequently asked

Will I have to dissolve someday?

Maybe. Depending on where certain fillers are placed, volume used and lifestyle factors, some people may have higher risk for filler migration.

For example, if someone has naturally small lip anatomy, their lips may not want to accept higher volumes of filler. Adding more volume than lip can tolerate may cause filler to be displaced. Our providers will always err on the side of caution and will make recommendations to mitigate risks.

frequently asked

frequently asked

I had an exceptional experience at the Lara Clinic!  The results surpassed my expectations, and I am thrilled with the results. Leslie's expertise and attention to detail made the entire process comfortable and enjoyable.


I recently visited Lara Clinic for my first ever botox treatment, and my experience was amazing! Tailored the service to fit my specific needs.
I have been loving my results and I’ve recommended Lara Clinic to all of my friends!

mary taylor

Most professional and aesthetically ethical provider I have ever been treated by!
I couldn’t be more obsessed with the Lara Clinic and the results given!


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