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+ Half syringe is 400 (half is only available for lips)
+ Full syringe is 650
+ Additional syringes to same area is is 600/add on syringe
+ You cannot "split" filler with friends

+ Facial balancing / restoration
  • With this package, you get what you need in one session. Some of the areas we may address include jowls, chin-shadows, cheeks, undereyes, temples, nasolabial folds and more.

Filler Pricing

"How much for this?" is a question we often but that may be hard to answer without first seeing the provider. Everyone has varying needs on how much they might need to achieve a certain result. Single syringe options are available, however we prefer facial restoration / balancing appointments for a natural, fully rejuvenated look.

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In order to achieve best results in this area, cheek filler is often recommend or paired with this treatment. We typically suggest one syringe for nasolabial folds. 

nasolabial folds

Area we often need most filler to create a contour. Expect between two - five syringes  based on need. We recommend biostimulators for this area instead of fillers.

jawline / pre-auricular space

In order to proceed with under-eye filler, we must first have appropriate cheek support. Only one syringe can be done in tear-troughs per visit for best results. Up to three visits.


For first time chin filler, expect to need between one - three syringes for optimal results. Chin may require separate appointments to build desired effect.

Chin / chin-shadows

For first time cheek filler, expect to need two syringes or greater for optimal results.
One - two syringes is ideal for maintenance.


No more than one syringe per visit.
Most lips look great with one syringe but if you are new or would like to maintain, a half syringe (lip enhancement) may be perfect for you.


How much should I expect to need
for a certain area?