Is it too early for me to start? How do I know when I should get it?

This is a common question we get, especially as more and more people are considering preventative Botox treatments.

The truth is, there isn’t really a need to start tox before static lines (lines at rest) have formed unless you are bothered by dynamic lines (lines that occur with expression). Some people dislike the way their brow furrows when annoyed or dislike the way crows feet appear in photos – if that’s the case you can start botox to improve your appearance with expression.

Most people will start to inquire about tox when dynamic lines start becoming static lines. Often times people will see the “11” between the brow or horizontal lines in the forehead that appear more etched into the skin.

Our number one indicator of when you should consider Botox is when you see static lines starting to form. This typically starts to happen in the the mid-twenties, when the body’s collagen production begins slowing down. How your make-up sits through the day may also be an indicator of static line formation. If you are noticing makeup creasing around the forehead, brow, crows feet, and chin, then it might be time to consider Botox.